Stock photo licenses often come with certain restrictions, and the extent of usage rights can vary based on the type of license you obtain. Here are some common considerations regarding usage restrictions in stock photo licenses:

  1. Standard Royalty-Free Licenses:
    • Standard royalty-free licenses typically allow a broad range of uses, but they may have some limitations. Common restrictions include prohibitions on using the image in a way that competes with the stock photo agency, using the image for defamatory purposes, or incorporating it into products for resale without an extended license.
  2. Extended Licenses:
    • For more extensive or specific uses, you may need to purchase an extended license. Extended licenses often cover scenarios such as high-volume distribution (e.g., large print runs), merchandise for resale, or use in products like templates or apps. The purchase of an extended license usually involves an additional cost.
  3. Print Run Limits:
    • Some licenses may specify a limit on the number of copies allowed in a print run for products like books, posters, or promotional materials. If you exceed this limit, you may need an extended license.
  4. Non-Commercial Licenses:
    • Some stock photo platforms offer non-commercial licenses, which restrict the use of images for commercial purposes. Ensure that your intended use aligns with the terms of the license.
  5. Editorial Use:
    • Editorial licenses are often more restrictive in terms of how an image can be used. They are suitable for news, commentary, or educational purposes but may not allow for commercial use or product endorsement.
  6. Attribution Requirements:
    • While many stock photos do not require attribution, some licenses may have specific attribution requirements. Check the licensing terms to ensure compliance with any attribution obligations.
  7. Model Releases:
    • If an image includes recognizable individuals, usage rights may be contingent on the availability of model releases. Ensure that model releases are available if needed for your specific use.
  8. Exclusive Licenses:
    • Some licenses may grant exclusive rights to the buyer, meaning that the image won’t be available to others for the duration of the exclusivity period.

It’s crucial to carefully read and understand the licensing terms associated with each image before using it, especially for commercial or large-scale projects. If you have specific questions about the usage rights or need clarification, contact the customer support of the stock photo platform.

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