An extended license for stock photos is an additional licensing option that provides users with expanded rights beyond those typically granted by a standard license. Extended licenses are often necessary when using stock photos in specific ways or for certain purposes that go beyond the scope of a standard license. Here are key points about extended licenses:

  1. Additional Permissions:
    • An extended license grants the user additional permissions beyond what is allowed by a standard or regular license. These additional permissions may vary depending on the stock photo platform and the type of extended license purchased.
  2. Commercial Uses:
    • Extended licenses are commonly required for certain commercial uses of stock photos, such as incorporating the image into merchandise (e.g., T-shirts, mugs), using it in a large print run, or featuring it prominently in advertising campaigns.
  3. Higher Visibility or Distribution:
    • If you plan to use the stock photo in a way that gives it higher visibility or broader distribution, an extended license may be necessary. This could include using the image in a product that will be widely distributed or displayed.
  4. No Need for Attribution:
    • Some extended licenses may waive the requirement for attribution to the photographer. While many standard licenses don’t require attribution, this can be an additional benefit for users who opt for an extended license.
  5. Exclusive Use:
    • In some cases, an extended license may grant exclusive use of the image for a specific period or purpose. This means that during the license period, the image won’t be licensed to other users for the same use.
  6. Model Releases:
    • If the stock photo includes recognizable individuals and you need to use it in a way that requires model releases (e.g., advertising), an extended license may cover this additional requirement.
  7. Higher Cost:
    • Extended licenses often come with a higher cost compared to standard licenses. The price may vary depending on the stock photo platform and the specific terms of the extended license.

Always carefully review the terms associated with the extended license to ensure that it meets your specific needs. If you have questions about whether an extended license is necessary for your intended use, it’s advisable to contact the stock photo platform’s customer support for clarification.

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