Obtaining permission to use a stock photo in a film or documentary involves several steps. Here’s a general process you can follow:

  1. Review Licensing Terms:
    • Carefully read and understand the licensing terms associated with the stock photo on the platform where you found it. Identify any restrictions, attribution requirements, or limitations on use.
  2. Check for Extended Licenses:
    • Determine if the stock photo platform offers extended licenses or special licensing options for use in films or documentaries. Extended licenses often provide additional rights beyond the standard license.
  3. Contact the Stock Photo Platform:
    • Reach out to the customer support or licensing department of the stock photo platform. Inquire about the availability of extended licenses for film or documentary use and discuss your specific requirements.
  4. Provide Details of Your Project:
    • Clearly communicate the details of your film or documentary project. Include information such as the context in which the image will be used, the duration of use, and any modifications you plan to make. Specifics help the platform assess your request.
  5. Ask About Custom Licensing:
    • Inquire about the possibility of a custom licensing agreement if the platform does not offer an extended license suitable for your needs. Some platforms may be open to negotiating terms for unique use cases.
  6. Clarify Attribution and Model Releases:
    • Discuss any attribution requirements for the stock photo and confirm that the image has the necessary model releases, especially if it includes recognizable individuals.
  7. Negotiate Terms and Fees:
    • If the platform is open to a custom licensing agreement, negotiate the terms and fees. Factors to discuss may include the scope of use, exclusivity, and any additional rights you require for your film or documentary.
  8. Obtain a Written Agreement:
    • Once terms are agreed upon, request a written agreement or licensing contract. This document should clearly outline the permissions granted for the use of the stock photo in your film or documentary, including any conditions or restrictions.
  9. Review and Accept Terms:
    • Thoroughly review the written agreement and ensure that it accurately reflects the negotiated terms. If acceptable, formally accept the terms by signing the agreement or providing written confirmation.
  10. Comply with Agreement:
    • Adhere strictly to the terms outlined in the licensing agreement. Use the stock photo only in the agreed-upon manner, and fulfill any obligations related to attribution or other requirements.
  11. Keep Records:
    • Maintain detailed records of the licensing agreement, correspondence with the stock photo platform, and proof of payment (if applicable). These records serve as legal documentation of your permission to use the stock photo in your film or documentary.

By following these steps, you can navigate the process of obtaining permission to use a stock photo in a film or documentary and ensure that you have the necessary legal rights for your project. If you have any uncertainties or specific questions about the usage rights, contact the stock photo platform’s customer support for clarification.

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