Google My Business does not provide businesses with detailed demographic information about their reviewers. Google’s policies prioritize user privacy, and while businesses can see an aggregated summary of the overall ratings and reviews, they do not have access to individual reviewer demographics.

However, businesses can gather some insights indirectly through the following methods:

  1. Google My Business Insights:
    • Google My Business provides businesses with insights into how customers find their business on Google, customer actions, and other related data. While this information is aggregated and does not include specific demographics, it can give businesses a general understanding of how customers are interacting with their listing.
  2. Third-Party Analytics:
    • Some third-party tools and analytics platforms may offer additional insights beyond what Google My Business provides. These tools may use various algorithms and data sources to estimate demographic information based on online behavior. Keep in mind that these estimates are not always accurate.
  3. Customer Surveys:
    • Businesses can conduct their own customer surveys to gather demographic information. This approach involves directly asking customers about their characteristics and preferences. However, participation in surveys is voluntary, and the results may not be representative of the entire customer base.
  4. Social Media Analytics:
    • If customers are leaving reviews on social media platforms in addition to Google, businesses can analyze social media analytics to gain insights into the demographics of their social media audience. This may provide a broader understanding of their customer base.

It’s essential for businesses to respect user privacy and adhere to data protection regulations when collecting and analyzing customer information. Additionally, businesses should keep in mind that online reviews often represent a self-selected group of customers who choose to share their experiences, and their demographics may not be fully representative of the entire customer base.

As technology and data privacy regulations evolve, there may be changes or additional features provided by Google or other platforms in the future. Therefore, businesses should stay informed about updates and changes to the features offered by Google My Business and other online review platforms.

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