The “People also search for” section on a Google listing is a feature that provides users with additional suggestions for businesses or entities that are related to the one they are currently viewing. This section typically appears on the right side of the search results page when someone searches for a specific business, place, or point of interest on Google.

Here are the primary reasons why the “People also search for” section exists:

  1. User Engagement and Exploration:
    • The feature encourages users to explore related businesses or places that may be of interest to them. It provides additional options, helping users discover more options beyond their initial search.
  2. Enhanced User Experience:
    • Google aims to enhance the overall user experience by providing relevant and complementary suggestions. Users may find this feature helpful in finding alternatives or similar businesses based on their preferences.
  3. Cross-Promotion of Businesses:
    • The “People also search for” section serves as a form of cross-promotion for businesses. It allows related businesses to be showcased together, potentially increasing visibility and awareness among users interested in similar offerings.
  4. Facilitating Comparison:
    • Users often engage in comparative searches when looking for products or services. The “People also search for” section enables users to compare multiple businesses in the same category, aiding them in making informed decisions.
  5. Expanding Local Discovery:
    • For local businesses, the feature can be particularly valuable as it expands the opportunities for local discovery. Users looking for one business may discover additional nearby options that meet their needs.
  6. Algorithmic Recommendations:
    • The suggestions in the “People also search for” section are generated algorithmically based on user behavior, search patterns, and the relevance of businesses. Google’s algorithms analyze the relationships between businesses and offer suggestions accordingly.
  7. Mobile and Local Search Optimization:
    • The feature is often prominent in mobile search results and is especially relevant for users on the go. It aligns with Google’s emphasis on providing relevant local search results and facilitates quick decision-making.
  8. Encouraging Longer Session Duration:
    • By providing related suggestions, Google aims to keep users engaged for longer durations. Users may click on multiple businesses within the “People also search for” section, leading to extended session times on the platform.

It’s important to note that the businesses listed in the “People also search for” section are not paid placements. The suggestions are generated organically based on user behaviour and algorithmic analysis of relevance. Businesses can benefit from this feature by ensuring that their online presence is optimized for search and that they are effectively categorized to appear in relevant sections.

For businesses, this section underscores the importance of maintaining a strong online presence and ensuring that their information on Google My Business is accurate, complete, and well-optimized for local search.

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