The presence or absence of a “Write a review” button on a Google listing can be influenced by various factors, and Google’s interface may evolve over time. Here are some reasons why businesses may have or not have a “Write a review” button on their Google listing:

  1. Google My Business Verification:
    • Businesses need to verify their Google My Business (GMB) listing to have access to certain features, including the ability for customers to write reviews. If a business has not completed the verification process, the “Write a review” button may not be available.
  2. Newly Created Listings:
    • Newly created Google My Business listings may take some time to be fully indexed and appear in search results with all features enabled, including the “Write a review” button. Patience may be required, especially if the listing is recently created or has undergone recent changes.
  3. Reviews Turned Off:
    • Businesses have the option to turn off reviews for their Google My Business listing. If a business has chosen to disable reviews, the “Write a review” button will not be visible. This can be done through the Google My Business dashboard.
  4. Limited Availability in Certain Countries:
    • Google may vary the availability of certain features, including review functionality, based on the country or region. The visibility of the “Write a review” button may differ depending on the location of the business.
  5. Limited Features for Service-Area Businesses:
    • Service-area businesses (those that serve customers at their locations) may have some limitations in terms of review features. Google has implemented different features for these businesses to address privacy concerns. In such cases, the “Write a review” button may appear differently or have specific functionality.
  6. Changes in Google’s Interface:
    • Google frequently updates its interface and features. Changes in the way reviews are displayed or the availability of certain buttons may be part of updates to the Google My Business platform.
  7. Temporary Glitch or Bug:
    • Sometimes, the absence of the “Write a review” button may be due to a temporary glitch or bug in the system. In such cases, the issue may be resolved with subsequent updates or fixes.
  8. Inconsistent Display Across Devices:
    • The visibility of certain features, including the “Write a review” button, may vary across different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet). Checking the listing on multiple devices may provide a clearer picture.

If a business is experiencing issues with the visibility of the “Write a review” button, the business owner or manager can log in to the Google My Business dashboard and review the settings to ensure that reviews are enabled. Additionally, checking for any pending verification processes or updates may help resolve the issue. If the problem persists, contacting Google My Business support for assistance is recommended.

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