Crediting a stock photo properly is important to comply with licensing terms and give appropriate recognition to the photographer. Here’s a guide on how to credit a stock photo:

  1. Check the Licensing Terms:
    • Review the licensing terms associated with the stock photo. Some images may be available under licenses that do not require attribution. If attribution is not required, you may not need to provide credit.
  2. Attribution Format:
    • If attribution is required, follow the specified format. Common attribution formats include crediting the photographer’s name, the source (stock photo platform or website), and a link to the original image if applicable.
  3. Include Photographer’s Name:
    • Include the name of the photographer. This is typically the primary individual or entity that owns the copyright to the image.
  4. Include Stock Photo Platform or Website:
    • If the licensing terms specify, include the name of the stock photo platform or website from which you obtained the image. This is especially relevant for images sourced from specific platforms.
  5. Use the Correct Font Size and Style:
    • Ensure that the attribution is legible and presented in a way that is easily visible to users. Follow any guidelines provided in the licensing terms regarding font size and style.
  6. Placement:
    • Place the attribution in a location that is visible and associated with the image. Common placements include below the image, in the image caption, or in the credits section of a project.
  7. Link to the Original Image (if required):
    • If the licensing terms stipulate a link to the original image, include the URL of the image on the stock photo platform. This helps provide a direct reference to the source.
  8. Follow Platform-Specific Guidelines:
    • Some stock photo platforms may have specific guidelines for attribution. Check the platform’s website or licensing documentation for any recommendations on how to properly credit images.
  9. Adapt to Your Medium:
    • Adapt the format of the attribution to suit the medium in which the image is used. For example, if the image is part of a printed publication, the format may differ from online use.
  10. Verify Attribution Requirements:
    • Periodically check the licensing terms, especially if you plan to use the image in different projects or formats. Attribution requirements may vary, so confirm that you are following the most up-to-date guidelines.

Remember that providing proper attribution is not only a legal requirement but also a way to acknowledge and appreciate the work of photographers. If you have any uncertainties or specific questions about attribution, contact the customer support of the stock photo platform for clarification.

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