As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Google did not have a specific section labeled “Recommended Reviews.” However, Google continuously updates and evolves its features, so it’s possible that new features or changes have been introduced since then.

As of my last update, Google primarily displayed reviews on a business’s Google My Business profile in two main sections:

  1. “Reviews” Section:
    • This section includes all reviews submitted by users for a particular business. It typically displays a mix of positive and negative reviews, allowing users to read a range of opinions about the business.
  2. “Most Helpful Reviews” Section:
    • Google also highlights certain reviews as “Most Helpful” based on factors such as the number of likes and engagement from other users. These reviews are intended to provide users with insights into the most valuable or relevant feedback.

If there have been updates or changes to the review display format on Google since my last update, the introduction of a “Recommended Reviews” section could be part of those changes. The purpose of such a section would likely be to curate and highlight reviews that Google’s algorithms determine to be particularly relevant or helpful to users.

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking Google’s official support documentation or the latest features on the Google My Business platform directly. Google frequently updates its products and services.

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