When you purchase a stock photo, your rights are typically outlined by the licensing agreement associated with that particular image. The specific rights can vary depending on the type of license you acquire (e.g., standard license, extended license) and the terms set by the stock photo platform or photographer. Here are common rights associated with stock photo licenses:

  1. Usage Rights:
    • The license defines how you can use the stock photo. Common usage rights include incorporating the image into websites, presentations, print materials, social media, and more.
  2. Commercial Use:
    • The license specifies whether the image can be used for commercial purposes. Commercial use often involves promoting products, services, or brands. Some licenses may require an extended license for specific commercial uses.
  3. Non-Commercial Use:
    • If the image is intended for non-commercial use, the license will outline the permissible ways you can use the photo for personal or non-profit purposes.
  4. Attribution Requirements:
    • The license may specify whether you are required to give credit to the photographer when using the image. While many stock photos do not require attribution, it’s essential to check the licensing terms.
  5. Modifications:
    • The license outlines whether you can modify the stock photo. In many cases, you can make adjustments like cropping or adding text, but some licenses may have restrictions on modifications.
  6. Print Run Limits:
    • For print materials, the license may specify the allowed number of copies in a print run. If you plan to use the image in a large print run, an extended license may be necessary.
  7. Duration of Use:
    • The license may specify the duration for which you have the right to use the image. Some licenses are perpetual, allowing indefinite use, while others may have a limited duration.
  8. Exclusive Use:
    • Exclusive use may be granted by certain licenses, restricting the availability of the image to other users for a specific period or purpose.
  9. Model Releases:
    • If the image features recognizable individuals, the license may indicate whether model releases are available and whether they are necessary for your intended use.

Always review the licensing terms associated with each image to understand your rights and responsibilities. If you have any uncertainties or specific questions, contact the stock photo platform’s customer support or the photographer for clarification.

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