Google reviews can be found in a few different places, primarily within Google’s ecosystem. Here are the main places where you can find and read Google reviews:

  1. Google Maps:
    • Open Google Maps on your computer or mobile device.
    • Search for the business or place you’re interested in.
    • Click on the business name to open its profile.
    • Scroll down to find the reviews section where you can read and write reviews.
  2. Google Search:
    • Perform a Google search for the business or place.
    • In the search results, you’ll often see a summary of the business on the right side of the page (on desktop) or at the top (on mobile).
    • The star rating and the number of reviews are usually displayed. You can click on the business name or the “View all Google reviews” link to see more details.
  3. Google My Business:
    • Business owners can manage and respond to reviews through the Google My Business platform.
    • Users, however, cannot leave reviews directly on Google My Business; they are redirected to Google Maps or Google Search to write their reviews.
  4. Business Websites and Profiles:
    • Some businesses may embed Google reviews on their websites or share links to their Google reviews.

Keep in mind that the availability of reviews may vary, and not all businesses or places will have reviews on Google. Additionally, Google reviews are often integrated into other platforms or websites that aggregate business information. Reading reviews on these platforms can also provide insights into the reputation of a business.

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