Google reviews primarily appear online in various Google-related platforms and services. Here are the main places where Google reviews can be found:

  1. Google Maps:
    • Google reviews are prominently displayed on the profiles of businesses and locations within Google Maps. Users can see the overall star rating, read individual reviews, and contribute their own feedback.
  2. Google Search:
    • When users search for a business or place on Google, a summary of the business appears on the right side of the search results page (on desktop) or at the top (on mobile). This includes the star rating and the number of reviews. Users can click on the business name to see more details and read or leave reviews.
  3. Google My Business:
    • Business owners can manage their reviews through the Google My Business platform. While users cannot leave reviews directly on Google My Business, the platform provides tools for business owners to respond to reviews and view insights.
  4. Third-Party Websites and Directories:
    • Google reviews may also be syndicated or displayed on third-party websites, directories, and review platforms that aggregate business information from Google.
  5. Business Websites:
    • Some businesses choose to display Google reviews on their own websites. Google provides widgets and plugins that businesses can use to showcase their reviews directly on their sites.
  6. Social Media:
    • Businesses may share or promote positive Google reviews on their social media channels as a form of social proof.
  7. Google Knowledge Panels:
    • For entities like celebrities, organizations, and landmarks, Google reviews may appear in the knowledge panel on the right side of Google Search results.

It’s important to note that Google reviews are most directly associated with Google Maps and Google Search. The visibility of reviews on third-party websites depends on the integration and sharing practices of those sites. Businesses can use the reviews as a tool for building and managing their online reputation across various online platforms.

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